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We have over 15 years experience producing high quality DC motors for furniture, lift chairs and exercise equipment. We build our motors, not simply assemble components.

The basic parameters

ZG3000M– Wireless Power Foundation
Sizes available: King, Cal King, Queen, TXL, & Cal TXL

·Head ,Foot & Neck position adjustment
·Wireless with LCD screen and one touch return to flat position
·2 massages units on TXL and queen and 4 massage units on a king
·Users controlled variable intensity massage with automatic shutoff
·2 programmable memory positions
·LED under bed lighting 
·2 to 4 USB charging ports
·Wall-hugger drive system and ergonomically proportioned to fit your body including inclining seat deck for extended comfort
·Low profile and are able to be used on most storage beds
·Available as a horizontal split king. Eliminates two foundations synced together for single king mattress use
·Works with head-foot-rail or headboard only beds
·Includes headboard mounting brackets
·Tested / 750LBS weight capacity @ 15,000 cycle
·Emergency battery back up built in to power supply

 Load ability:
·TXL: 155 Units/40ft Container
·Queen: 99 Units/40ft Container
·King: 59 Units/40ft Container

Installation and Setup Guide
1. Open the big box labeled 'King Foot Base'. Take the Foot out of the box and put it on a flat floor.
2. Cut the lock tie that holds the mattress retainers bars and set them aside for now.
3. Find the lock ties that secure the brackets on the bed side grooves, two brackets on each side of the main frame.

4. Cut all the bracket lock ties and make sure all of the lock ties are removed and properly disposed of to ensure that they do not get caught in mechanism.
Foot Base

5. Open the small box labeled 'King Head Base'.

Head Base 

6. Cut and properly dispose of the ribbon securing the accessory boxes in place, 2 or 3 depending on your model options, and set the boxes aside for now.
   Head Motor  Main Accessories

7. Take the Head Base out of the box and put it in front of the main frame. With two people, tilt the Foot Base up a little and slide the Head Base section in.
8. Take the plastic bag out of the accessory box where there is a wrench(13mm) and 8 bolts for the hinges. Start each bolt, do not tighten the bolts until all 8 have been started, then tighten the 8 bolts.

9. Remove the front and rear motor clevis pins and pin keepers from the mounting brackets on the bes frame. Once the motor is aligned, install the A clevis pin and pin keep first, then install the B clevis pin and keeper. When installing B clevis pin, push on the bar labeled B slightly forward to align the clevis pin hole.

10. Plug the head motor cable into the control box plug labeled HT Motor. If there is a neck motor, plug the neck motor into the control box plug labeled Neck motor. If there is a USB transformer box, plug the cable into the control box plug labeled USB. If there is a massage feature, plug the massage cable into the control box plug labeled massage.

11. Take the 4 adjustable legs from the main accessory box and screw them into the frame bottom tubes. The bed also can be used om a storage bed or bed frame without legs. Remove the white plastic tie holding the control box power supply cable and lay it over the top of the bed side frame.

12. The assembly job is finished. To turn the bed over, you need to have people. Once the bed is turned over, get the two mattress retainer bars you set aside earlier and slide them into the plastic retainers on the foot end of the bed.

13. Remove the power supply from the main accessory box. Plug the power cable from the control box into the power supply. Plug the power cable that was packaged with the power supply into the power supply. Plug the power supply into a power source. Install 3 AAA batteries in the remote control before you install a mattress or put inside an existing bed frame.

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